Teaching of  preventive measures by a team of Doctors, Para- medical staff, medico- social workers, Professors and learned people etc., The activity of Creating awareness with programmes like awareness campaigns, seminars, rallies, motivation camps, work shops, opening of functionary bodies and establishment of counseling centers, target interventions among high risk groups.


  1. Sine there is no medicine for AIDS , prevention is the only cure and the prevention can be brought into the minds of the people only through awarness target interventions.
  2. Since the virus is working day and Night, 24 hrs a day  devouring the humanity/ Nation, we too need to fight against the virus with continuity, credibility and consistency. AASHA is basically working on the above two important factors.


              We have so far conducted many campaigns to inculcate awareness among the rural and urban multitudes through awareness campaigns, medical camps, cultural programs like drams, skits, songs and adventurous programs ect., keeping in view of high risk groups.


              In the western counseling is the main stream of redressl for all medical, social, Psychological and family problems. Counseling will play a vital role in case of AIDS victims. We have a free counseling centre for the HIV/ AIDS patients and their Kith and Kin to provide  mental and moral support and to extricate people from the worng Notions, Dogmas and unnecessary painc. Experienced Doctors, trained counselors will give post test counsel, pre-Test counsel and balance the victims and their family members to cooperate to stop the further spread of the disease through them


              Training Camps will be conducted for the youth to make them aware of the situation Indian Youth is going to face in the future through youth clubs, mahilamandals, yuvajana sangams, schools. Colleges etc, to motivate them for joining hands with Govt., NGOs liks AASHA to fight against this, “MAHAMMARI”.


              We are in the 21st century speedy life with different definitions for human values and degradation of personal relations with self centredness.

              In the most of the cities old age homes are looking after somebodies parents in the last stage of their life though they are healthy.  The present trend of the Generation is unable to understand the privilege of serving the old and sick.

              Viewed in this context normal healthy old people are not properly cared and we can imagine the place of HIV/AIDS  victim in the family and in the society.

            After all unfortunate discarded people heading for death are in need of shelter sympathy, care for the rest of the short period of fife and make them to die peacefully.

            In the course of time AASHA will provide a constructed Rehabilitation and Relief centre as ASYLUM for treatment, consolation, counseling physically, mentally, and also spiritually, whatever faith they may profess IN.

            In this connection we are in the process of acquiring land and construct a HYGIENIC ASYLUM as a “Refugee Centre”


            India is a country with 5000 years history and great civilization based on ethical, moral values and strong family setup with traditions and customs. Hence, we Indians have never dreamt of AIDS disease entering in our country where sex is a sacred act and a secret matter. So maximum educated and intellectuals are not contributing their matchless services to combat this epidemic. Thus the seminars and motivation camps will be condcted among the learned people in order to active and motivate them to think and     do something constructive to curd the spread of the disease.


            As you know all these objective can be achieved only through voluntary help from all sections of people and philanthropists. We appeal for your generous contributions In cash, kind, service, suggestion and  participation.

TO AASHA and save Humanity/Nation from this deadly disease.

            Your gesture at this crucial period is a great help.
            Please strengthen our hands by your voluntary contributions to AASHA  

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