We are glad to introduce “AASHA”  AIDS Awareness Society & Hygienic Asylum a Non- Governmental organization established in June 1998 at Visakhapatnam A.P. India with a motto to create awareness among the people about the deadly disease HIV/AIDS and to provide care & Rehabilitation

               As per the WHO/ UNAIDS estimates and world medical experts statistics at present India is having Millions of Aids Patients detected, known and 2% of the India population are with HIV positive. And if the trend of the growth rate continues, without proper check and adequate preventive measures are adopted on war-footing basis both by Govt.& NGO’s the percentage will be more by 2015. Thus the single largest problem India is going to face in the next decade is Aids and India will become the global Head Quarters for AIDS. A.P also included in the fast HIV spreading five States with 4 to 5 lakhs Aids Victims. In the near future 40 million orphans will be left over by this scourge. All the above statistical  information has been confirmed and reaffirmed by Dr. Rozer, P.Bernard, Director Aids feed back (Geneva)

              It is in this background a group of eminent persons in the field of medicine and from other  fields have came forward and established AASHA.

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